onsdag, december 02, 2009

Såg en kul film idag med Jeff Bridges i Big Lebowski-comeback, George Clooney i Bruno Wintzell-hår och Ewan McGregor lika träaktig som vanligt.

LYN CASSADY: But before I could leave Larry arranged one last parting gift. It was the Dim Mak.

BOB: The Dim Mak?

LYN CASSADY: The Dim Mak. The Quivering Palm. The Death Touch. It's like this legendary, martial arts move. It was forbidden in the New Earth Army. Larry had got it from a mailorder book.

BOB: What does the Death Touch do?

LYN CASSADY: It kills you Bob. With one touch.

BOB: Jesus.

LYN CASSADY: There's a story that Wong Wifu, great Chinese martial artist, had a fight with some guy and had him beat when the guy gave him this light tap, and Wong looked at him and the guy just nodded. That was it. He'd given him the death touch and Wong died.

BOB: Then and there?

LYN CASSADY: No. Eighteen years later. That's the weird thing with Dim Mak – you never know when it's going to take effect.

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Syschan sa...

Var håller bryschan hus egentligen? Saknar honom!

Hannes Dükler sa...

Visste inte ens att jag hade en syscha.